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Chengdu Springhead Household Health Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture jointly established by the Rainbow Appliance(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Summit Agro International Ltd. and Earth Chemical Co.,Ltd. in 1994.It has been specializing in research,manufacture and marketing of home products for years.
Currently,the company has 70 employees and 18 professional technicians.It has gained product predominance in summer sanitary products like Mosquito Liquid and Aerosol Insecticide through many years development.Its superior equipment can guarantee the quality of the products and company’s ability in production and marketing.Besides, the company manufactures heating products like Shoe Dryer and some others. Furthermore, the company can provide OEM processing services of mosquito liquid and aerosol insecticide.
Under the leadership of Liu Rongfu,the board chairman and legal representative,and Tang Qingze,general manager,all the staff members in Chengdu Springhead Household Health Co.,Ltd.,are ready for meeting future challenges with their passion and positive exploration and will provide better products and services to all customers.

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